I was in the market for a new strap for my Squier FSR Strat. There’s nothing wrong with the existing one, I just fancied one in a more subdued tone. So, I decided to get a guitar strap from Temu, and, as it was offering Fender ones, I decided to go with that. I’m not averse to buying things from Temu, or China in general, as we will see in future posts.

Initial thoughts

At £3.59, I was not expecting it to be legit, but it would be interesting to compare it against my legit £16.99 one from Amazon.

Guitar Strap from Temu packaged

It looks fairly OK. It even comes with the proper labels.

It’s even got a barcode label.

Temu guitar strap barcode

Let’s have a look at the proper one first though.

Proper Fender Guitar Strap

You can see a lot of detail in this one, it’s properly woven, for a start, and the Fender logo is very clear.

proper fender guitar strap up close

A guitar strap from Temu vs a proper Fender one

Now, if we look at the Temu one side-by-side with the one bought from Amazon, we can start to see some differences.

Fendet Guitar Strap

The square with the headstock is smaller than the proper one.

The logo looks like it says “Fendet” or “Feadet” and the typeset of the logo is waaaaay off. Close, but no cigar.

Close-up, it’s very obvious.

The woven lines are clearly much thinner as well.

The back is very different as well.

Back of Temu guitar strap and Fender

Thickness wise there is also a difference. I mean it’s probably going to be as comfortable as a proper no-name strap, but the Fender one definitely has a bit more bounce to it, which will probably be more noticeable after a long session standing up with the guitar.

Temu guitar strap thickness compare to fender

Final thoughts on the Temu guitar strap

It’s OK for a strap that costs less than £5. It’ll probably last a decent-ish amount of time, but if you are looking for something a little more comfortable on your shoulder, then it’s worth spending that little bit more.

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